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Please note that Roku Brightscript has been deprecated (12/DEC/2018). We recommend you update your application to use Roku Scenegraph instead.

It is important that your video player project contains only a single instance of the Conviva library to avoid unexpected conflicts and run-time errors. If you are planning a player upgrade or a new release, please consider upgrading the Conviva Roku library as well.

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Release Notes
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Only SceneGraph
Release Notes
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  • Release Notes

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36994 (22/AUG/2019)

    • Introduces setCDNServerIP() API to support setting of CDN Edge Server's IP address.

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36990 (21/MAY/2019)

    • Supports Roku OS 9.1
    • Adds new API isCleanupContentSessionSuccessful() to gracefully exit the content session after invoking the cleanupSession() API.
    • Enhances setBitrateKbps() API. Please refer to Set Bitrate section of the integration page:
      » Adds flag OPTION_EXTERNAL_BITRATE_REPORTING to identify if bitrate value is based on Conviva auto-detection or set by customer application.
      » Enhances logging to identify if bitrate is set by application or auto-detected.
      » Deprecates defaultReportingBitrate; please use setBitrateKbps() API instead.
    • Enhances the Roku error verbosity by concatenating the Roku ErrorCode, ErrorStr and ErrorMsg in Conviva custom format.
    • Fixes pht value to report Integer instead of Double.
    • Fixes frequent bitrate switching for HLS Demuxed Streams.

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36978 (14/MAR/2019)

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36960 (12/DEC/2018)

    • Supports Roku OS 9.0 Beta.
    • Modifies sample app for multithreaded approach, which resolves issue of Conviva heartbeat not been sent during ad playback.
    • Adds ability to update Resource using updateContentMetadata() API. Please review Update Content Metadata restrictions.
    • Adds enhancement of sending cwsStateChange event in first heartbeat of the ConvivaContentInfo, which is set during Create Session.
    • Fixes an issue where bitrate is not accurately reported when ads are enabled.
    • Fixes a Roku library crash issue which occured when updating tags from non-string to string values.
    • Deprecates Roku BrightScript library.

    Conviva_Roku_2.146.0.36444 (21/AUG/2018)

    • Supports videonode object update after session creation – adds updateVideoNode() API.
    • Supports prebuffer feature.
    • Supports roInt object for setting integer metadata in Conviva ContentInfo object.
    • Introduces single Conviva download file for Scenegraph and Brightscript libraries.
    • Fixes Roku application crash issue when the Conviva library used video.content to detect steamFormat; it now uses Roku streamInfo event.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.141.0.35946 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.141.0.35946 (18/MAY/2018)

    • Supports Roku OS 8.1.
    • Enables updateContentMetadata() API to be used during the session lifetime.
    • Fixes crash incidents due to invalid settings during Conviva library initialization.
    • Improves tag handling when updateContentMetadata() API is invoked.
    • Removes detection and collection of Device Identifier.
    • Fixes a Smooth Streaming issue where bitrate reporting was delayed.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.137.0.35367 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.137.0.35367 (14/MAR/2018)

    • Supports customer specific gatewayUrl using customer's CUSTOMER_KEY.
    • Introduces new APIs setPlayerSeekStart() and setPlayerSeekEnd() to accurately measure VRT and Connection Induced Buffering.
    • Deprecates defaultReportingCdnName field.
    • Removed detection and reporting of SSID.
    • Fixes inaccurate reporting of playing state when live content is unreachable for certain live contents.
    • Fixes Conviva Roku library crash incidents when the streamformat is not set during Conviva session creation.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.134.0.34932 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.134.0.34932 (21/DEC/2017)

    • Supports Roku OS 8.0.
    • Fixes bitrate inflating issue in situations where audio and video segments contain dissimilar index sequences.
    • Fixes issue where pod metrics are not reflected in Pulse (Experience Insights).
    • Fixes issue where VSF is under-reported when live content is unreachable.
    • Introduces new Player Insight API, sendEvent(), to report events that are not associated with a specific monitoring session.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.127.0.33941 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.127.0.33941 (11/AUG/2017)

    • Support for Roku OS 7.7.
    • Changed the implementation of the bitrate calculation logic for DASH and SS content.
    • Integration change for moving the observeField() API from the Conviva Roku library to the application.
    • Fixed an issue with parsing non JSON-formatted strings using the parseJSON() API.
    • Fixed an issue with Video Restart Time (VRT) reporting during the start of playback.
    • Fixed an issue of failure to report the playing state when playback continues after mid-stream failure, in cases in which there are enough chunks in the cache.
    • Roku BrightScript Thread only: Integration change for moving the observeField() API from the Conviva Roku library to the application.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.125.0.33575 (12/JUN/2017)

    • Support for Roku OS 7.7 Beta.
    • Support for DASH protocol.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.124.0.33361 (18/MAY/2017)

    • Support Conviva Mutable Metadata feature – added updateContentMetadata() API.
    • Provided information on deprecating setCurrentStreamMetadata( API in future as new API updateContentMetadata() is added for similar functionality.
    • Supports auto detection of Play Head Time, Network Connection Type and WiFi SSID friendly name.
    • Removed conflict of Conviva variable convention with Roku Conviva Library.
    • Updated reportError() API to be able to send FATAL/WARNING error types.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.123.0.33023 (19/APR/2017)

    New Features/Bug Fixes:

    • Support for Roku OS 7.6.
    • Fixed issue of incorrect reporting of Bitrate for HLS contents.
    • Changed behavior for ContentLength to be set by the application instead of using values automatically detected by the Conviva library.
    • Changed behavior of streamUrl to prioritise contentInfo values set by the application instead of values automatically detected by the Conviva library.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.117.0.31695 (18/NOV/2016)

    New Features/Bug Fixes:

    • Conviva library support for Roku OS 7.5
    • Fixed Roku Syntax Error Issue.
    • Removed logging from Conviva library.
    • Changed the NotificationPeriod argument of CreateSession() to a float value.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.115.0.31160 (12/OCT/2016)

    New Features/Bug Fixes:

    • This Conviva version runs in Scene Graph Components with Roku OS 7.2.
    • Introduced the Seek Induced Buffering metric in order to differentiate between Network Induced Buffering and Seek Induced Buffering.

  • Technical Specifications
    Player/Streamer Framework Supported OS Supported Protocols/Content Ad Monitoring Player Insight
    Roku SceneGraph Player Roku OS 9.1. • HLS (Live and VOD)
    • Smooth Streaming (Live and VOD)
    • DASH (Live and VOD)
    • Progressive Download
    Ad Breaks Support
    See Ad Breaks