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It is important that your video player project contains only a single instance of the Conviva library to avoid unexpected conflicts and run-time errors. If you are planning a player upgrade or a new release, please consider upgrading the Conviva Roku library as well.

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Only SceneGraph
6.6 MB 05/AUG/2020 7306bed7da2c1e1e266db9f93d66b8ba
  • Release Notes

    Conviva_Roku_3.0.9 (05/AUG/2020)

    • Supports Roku OS 9.3.
    • Support to report the tags,, and tags for ad integrations.
    • Fixes an issue with associateVideoNode API not detecting player state changes.
    • Fixes the implementation of the APIs reportSeekStarted, reportSeekEnded, setOrUpdateContentInfo, and reportAdPlayerBitrate.
    • notificationInterval can be set to any value between 0.1 and 1.0. Conviva library accepts notificationInterval set on video node’s content metadata object. If not set, or if set to more than 1.0, notificationInterval defaults to 0.5.
    • Fixes crash issue when an “empty” or “invalid” sequence is received from YoSpace SDK.
    • Replaces debug logs showing adStart / addend when ads are not integrated with pauseJoin / resumeJoin.

    Conviva_Roku_3.0.6 (01/APR/2020)

    • Supports Roku OS 9.2 and above.
    • Supports Conviva auto detection of Akamai CDN Edge Server IP address.
    • Introduces setCDNServerIp() API in ConvivaClient to support manual setting of the CDN Edge Server’s IP address.
    • Uses latest Roku OS 9.2 APIs and Properties to improve bitrate collection. Average Bitrate metric values are not impacted by this change.
    • Fixes an issue of video node not being monitored when it is an inherited component.
    • Fixes an endMonitoring API issue that did not stop the monitoring of applications using scenes to monitor video nodes rather than tasks.
    • Fixes an issue that caused some cases of starting mid-roll ads to trigger the end of monitoring sessions.

    Conviva_Roku_3.0.5 (13/MAR/2020)

    • Fixes an issue that caused sessions to not be created for subsequent assets after one asset playback finished.

    Conviva_Roku_3.0.1 (14/FEB/2020)

    • Introduces a major upgrade to the SDK architecture that simplifies and accelerates Conviva integration.
    • Introduces ConvivaClient to simplify the integration of the SDK.

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36994 (22/AUG/2019)

    • Introduces setCDNServerIP() API to support setting of CDN Edge Server's IP address.

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36990 (21/MAY/2019)

    • Supports Roku OS 9.1
    • Adds new API isCleanupContentSessionSuccessful() to gracefully exit the content session after invoking the cleanupSession() API.
    • Enhances setBitrateKbps() API. Please refer to Set Bitrate section of the integration page:
      » Adds flag OPTION_EXTERNAL_BITRATE_REPORTING to identify if bitrate value is based on Conviva auto-detection or set by customer application.
      » Enhances logging to identify if bitrate is set by application or auto-detected.
      » Deprecates defaultReportingBitrate; please use setBitrateKbps() API instead.
    • Enhances the Roku error verbosity by concatenating the Roku ErrorCode, ErrorStr and ErrorMsg in Conviva custom format.
    • Fixes pht value to report Integer instead of Double.
    • Fixes frequent bitrate switching for HLS Demuxed Streams.

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36978 (14/MAR/2019)

    Conviva_Roku_2.151.0.36960 (12/DEC/2018)

    • Supports Roku OS 9.0 Beta.
    • Modifies sample app for multithreaded approach, which resolves issue of Conviva heartbeat not been sent during ad playback.
    • Adds ability to update Resource using updateContentMetadata() API. Please review Update Content Metadata restrictions.
    • Adds enhancement of sending cwsStateChange event in first heartbeat of the ConvivaContentInfo, which is set during Create Session.
    • Fixes an issue where bitrate is not accurately reported when ads are enabled.
    • Fixes a Roku library crash issue which occured when updating tags from non-string to string values.
    • Deprecates Roku BrightScript library.

    Conviva_Roku_2.146.0.36444 (21/AUG/2018)

    • Supports videonode object update after session creation – adds updateVideoNode() API.
    • Supports prebuffer feature.
    • Supports roInt object for setting integer metadata in Conviva ContentInfo object.
    • Introduces single Conviva download file for Scenegraph and Brightscript libraries.
    • Fixes Roku application crash issue when the Conviva library used video.content to detect steamFormat; it now uses Roku streamInfo event.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.141.0.35946 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.141.0.35946 (18/MAY/2018)

    • Supports Roku OS 8.1.
    • Enables updateContentMetadata() API to be used during the session lifetime.
    • Fixes crash incidents due to invalid settings during Conviva library initialization.
    • Improves tag handling when updateContentMetadata() API is invoked.
    • Removes detection and collection of Device Identifier.
    • Fixes a Smooth Streaming issue where bitrate reporting was delayed.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.137.0.35367 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.137.0.35367 (14/MAR/2018)

    • Supports customer specific gatewayUrl using customer's CUSTOMER_KEY.
    • Introduces new APIs setPlayerSeekStart() and setPlayerSeekEnd() to accurately measure VRT and Connection Induced Buffering.
    • Deprecates defaultReportingCdnName field.
    • Removed detection and reporting of SSID.
    • Fixes inaccurate reporting of playing state when live content is unreachable for certain live contents.
    • Fixes Conviva Roku library crash incidents when the streamformat is not set during Conviva session creation.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.134.0.34932 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.134.0.34932 (21/DEC/2017)

    • Supports Roku OS 8.0.
    • Fixes bitrate inflating issue in situations where audio and video segments contain dissimilar index sequences.
    • Fixes issue where pod metrics are not reflected in Pulse (Experience Insights).
    • Fixes issue where VSF is under-reported when live content is unreachable.
    • Introduces new Player Insight API, sendEvent(), to report events that are not associated with a specific monitoring session.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.127.0.33941 and Conviva_Roku_BrsClient_2.127.0.33941 (11/AUG/2017)

    • Support for Roku OS 7.7.
    • Changed the implementation of the bitrate calculation logic for DASH and SS content.
    • Integration change for moving the observeField() API from the Conviva Roku library to the application.
    • Fixed an issue with parsing non JSON-formatted strings using the parseJSON() API.
    • Fixed an issue with Video Restart Time (VRT) reporting during the start of playback.
    • Fixed an issue of failure to report the playing state when playback continues after mid-stream failure, in cases in which there are enough chunks in the cache.
    • Roku BrightScript Thread only: Integration change for moving the observeField() API from the Conviva Roku library to the application.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.125.0.33575 (12/JUN/2017)

    • Support for Roku OS 7.7 Beta.
    • Support for DASH protocol.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.124.0.33361 (18/MAY/2017)

    • Support Conviva Mutable Metadata feature – added updateContentMetadata() API.
    • Provided information on deprecating setCurrentStreamMetadata( API in future as new API updateContentMetadata() is added for similar functionality.
    • Supports auto detection of Play Head Time, Network Connection Type and WiFi SSID friendly name.
    • Removed conflict of Conviva variable convention with Roku Conviva Library.
    • Updated reportError() API to be able to send FATAL/WARNING error types.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.123.0.33023 (19/APR/2017)

    New Features/Bug Fixes:

    • Support for Roku OS 7.6.
    • Fixed issue of incorrect reporting of Bitrate for HLS contents.
    • Changed behavior for ContentLength to be set by the application instead of using values automatically detected by the Conviva library.
    • Changed behavior of streamUrl to prioritise contentInfo values set by the application instead of values automatically detected by the Conviva library.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.117.0.31695 (18/NOV/2016)

    New Features/Bug Fixes:

    • Conviva library support for Roku OS 7.5
    • Fixed Roku Syntax Error Issue.
    • Removed logging from Conviva library.
    • Changed the NotificationPeriod argument of CreateSession() to a float value.

    Conviva_Roku_SgClient_2.115.0.31160 (12/OCT/2016)

    New Features/Bug Fixes:

    • This Conviva version runs in Scene Graph Components with Roku OS 7.2.
    • Introduced the Seek Induced Buffering metric in order to differentiate between Network Induced Buffering and Seek Induced Buffering.

  • Technical Specifications
    Player/Streamer Framework Supported OS Supported Protocols/Content Ad Monitoring Player Insight
    Roku SceneGraph Player Roku OS 9.3. • HLS (Live and VOD)
    • Smooth Streaming (Live and VOD)
    • DASH (Live and VOD)
    • Progressive Download
    Ad Breaks Support
    See Ad Breaks